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Search now! your lost, missing or found dog, cat, bird, or any other kind of pet or animal may already be posted.

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  1. If you have lost a pet, select "Found" to view reports by people who have found pets.
    If you have found a pet, select "Lost" to view reports by people who have lost pets.

  2. For a pet you have lost, search for matches in the Found reports by using as Start Date the day your pet went missing. For a pet you have found, keep in mind that it may have been "on the street" for many weeks or even months before you found it, so be sure to choose a Start Date that goes back far enough.

  3. If you want to review reports posted before 5/2/2014 (when we revised this search form), you should choose "Search All".

  4. If unsure of the Zip Code, use any web search engine with keywords: "What is the zip code for (city, state)"