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All lost and found pet reports entered into the Pet FBI database will be shared with Helping Lost Pets, Lost Dogs of America, and Lost Cats of America. Please do not post an additional report at Helping Lost Pets, your information will automatically be shared.

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Next Steps for a Lost Found Pet

  • Your information will be shared with Helping Lost Pets, Lost Dogs of America, and Lost Cats of America. Please do not post an additional report at Helping Lost Pets, your information will be automatically shared.

  • You should have received a confirmation email after submitting your report. Emails from PetFBI will be sent from help@petfbi.org.

  • Please be sure to check your SPAM folder or add this address to your contacts and whitelist if needed.

  • SCAM ALERT: If you receive a text from someone saying that they have your pet and asking you prove your identity by providing a 6-digit code, this is a scam. Do not respond or provide the code. Read more here.

  • Continue to search your house, yard, and neighborhood.

  • If you are in Ohio, go to www.facebook.com/petfbi.org, and post under visitor posts.

  • Ask your friends to share the post that you create.

    Share Your Report
  • Search our Database

    Someone may have already reported the same pet.

  • Create Your Flyer

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    You can download and/or print your flyer now, choose a template and make changes if you like.

  • Example Flyers:

  • Check license, ID, or rabies tag. To find out the name of the owner, contact your local police department. Local police departments often handle these records or they can tell you who does.

  • Check for a microchip. Local animal control agencies and almost all shelters and veterinary offices have the necessary equipment to scan for a microchip. This is usually a free service.

  • Search and post on sites such as Craigslist.com or Nextdoor.com.

  • Check other lost and found websites (See our page Other Online Resources).

  • Notify animal control, vet offices, dog shelters, and humane societies. Petfinder has a comprehensive list of shelters and rescue organizations searchable by location here: https://www.petfinder.com/animal-shelters-and-rescues/search/

  • If your pet is microchipped, contact the microchip company.